MADE Archskin


Large-format porcelain stoneware is a high-end finishing material that is gaining a trend, allowing you to achieve the effect of natural stone with the wear resistance of porcelain stoneware. Slabs are applicable in all conditions from furniture to facades, while the number of textures exceeds natural stone at times.

The so-called “dream apartment” zone is designed to show the possibility of using the material in the interior and literally makes it possible to take a break and drink coffee. SMEG’s built-in appliances make great quality drinks with ease. There is a SPA zone in the wall behind the kitchen island and a hidden door.

The showroom is made with the maximum use of this incredibly beautiful material. It is presented in special sliders for convenience and saving space, as well as in the shelving of the Workshop area.

The space has a lot of street light due to panoramic glazing, which allows customers to work comfortably when selecting materials. The ceiling fades into the background due to its darkening, and the light emphasizes the main characters of this space – the magnificent textures of the stones.

In the workshop area at a large table, you can select and compare textures of stones or just sit at a laptop. Presentations and master classes are also held here.



550 sq. m.

Russia, Kazan