Well-thought-out project is possible only by going through all the design stages in sequence.

Stage 0


An important pre-project stage is acquaintance. We agree on what conditions and what we will do next on the shore in advance to eliminate all sudden misunderstandings to get a thoughtful result.

0.1 - Analysis of the place

We study the area, and its features: geometry, relief, and dimensions. The accuracy of the subsequent project depends on this.

0.2 - Сhoice of direction

Decide on the direction of movement. We find out what are the prospects, future investments, and what is generally planned.

0.3 - Cost determination

We form the cost of future design based on the analysis described above.

0.4 - Contract

The contract is an integral part of each project, as well as its bilateral observance and further participation.

Stage 1


The sketch stage will answer the main questions about your future space: what are the possibilities, future functional content, and stylistic concept. How the object will interact with the client.

1.1. - First payment

You pay us an advance according to the contract.

1.2. - Reference, questionnaire

Collection of data required for the project. It takes the form of a questionnaire or oral survey. We take everything into account. Using examples of existing objects, we determine what your object will be like.

1.3. - Measurements

We accurately measure the place.

1.4. - Floor plan, new partitions

The main drawing: the new floor plan, which gives us an understanding of the future functionality.

1.5. - 3D Visualization

You will see your future object in 3D, which is much more convenient than from a floor plan. We can make two types of 3D renderings:
– Sketch (base price)
– Photorealistic (additional price)

Stage 2


Detailed drawings will be developed for you, necessary to bring all your ideas to life. All required surfaces will be shown, indicating areas and materials. Electrical and lighting, wall evaluations, and sections.

2.1. - Payment of the ballance

Second and final payment based on the contract.

2.2. - Drawings

Detailed drawings of all areas for you and your builders to bring the idea to life.

– Final floor plan
– Ceiling plan
– Lighting plan
– Plan of switches and sockets
– Binding of lamps and switches
– Floor material plan
– Walls evaluations
– Drawings of complex details
– Built-in furniture solutions

2.3. - Specification

Take a look at the elements included in your project to estimate the approximate cost of implementation.

Stage 3


Very soon you will be able to receive a project and start the long-awaited construction of your new facility, which you created with us stage by stage, taking into account every nuance to get the perfect result.

3.1. - Preparations

We will print out the project for you, or send it to you by e-mail.

3.2. - Record of acceptance
Presentation of the project.
Signing the acceptance certificate!
Now you have everything to make your dream come true!
3.3. - Meeting with contractors

A one-time meeting with the construction team and an explanation of all nuances.