Duck in a Bowler hat


“Duck in a bowler hat” is a restaurant located in the very center of the city of Kazan. The name of the restaurant was not invented by chance and long before its opening. The fact is that in the courtyard of the house where the restaurant is now located, the duck hatched chicks. The time has come for the chicks to learn to swim and they headed towards the lake, where the owners saw them. Inspired by the dignified gait of the duck family, it was decided to name the restaurant “Duck in a bowler hat”.

The Black Lake Park, as well as the Leninsky Garden, which are nearby for Kazan, are important places. This is a historical area in which, over time, the atmosphere of the old city has not disappeared. It’s always nice to spend your free time here.

The interior of the restaurant is made in a classic style with a bias towards lush and expressive Provence.

Here you will see the integral elements of this style. These are expensive dishes standing on the shelves. Light green dusty scale, classic furniture, boards in the design of the ceiling and much more. The entire interior is designed in natural textures, giving a cozy atmosphere a little more quality factor.

Solid oak elements, such as sliding partitions separating the area at the end of the restaurant, a bar counter made in the form of an old file cabinet, also add to the interior the effect of antiquity and nobility.



200 sq.m.

Russia, Kazan