Private residence

The house is a complex multi-component volume, spread out in a horizontal plane. Under the wide overhangs of the roof, many functions are combined to make the stay of the owners of the mansion as comfortable as possible.

The internal structure of the house is centered around a spacious living room with a fireplace and sofa set, overlooking the landscaped plot and the Volga River through a large panoramic window. From the living room, connected to the kitchen, you can go to the summer terrace with a swimming pool and a covered terrace for summer pastime.

The architecture is done in a restrained classical style with some penetrating modern elements. The appearance of the building is fundamental, created using high-quality building and finishing materials, such as: ceramic clinker, natural stone and modern roofing.

Despite the fundamental nature of the building, it seems light, due to the large areas of glazing. This decision was chosen deliberately, since the building is located in close proximity to the Volga River shoreline, and in addition to visually lightening the appearance, we maximized the view from almost all premises.


2013 – 2015

450 sq. m.

Russia, Kazan