Private residence

On the coastal territory of the Black Sea in Crimea, there is a great place for a private villa in the shade of a pine forest. It was decided to make the style minimalist and fill the interior space with sea air. Excessive decor and details were initially excluded. The area of ​​the premises did not have the usual restrictions. When choosing the facade finish, we were inspired by the surrounding landscape and rocks.

Contrasts in the facade decoration emphasize the sultry lighting and rich midday shadows, and large areas of glazing dissolve the brutal silhouette of the house in the sky background. The area of ​​the interior of the house is spacious, there are no rooms in which there would not be a lot of air and space. All rooms are very functional. The links between them are ergonomic and specially designed using the latest living space design techniques.



590 sq. m.

Ucraine, Crimea