"Suvar" office

Russia, Kazan, Peterburgskaya, 64
Residential Complex "Barcelona"

The office space solution is based on a new paradigm. It is an open platform for all employees to work and interact creatively. But it is not "open-space" in the usual sense. This platform is designed to work directly and directly with the manager. The office layout provides personal offices for employees, but the main core of the space is a common area to work together with the head.

The center of the office is a communication zone made in a homey, relaxed atmosphere that allows employees to incorporate creativity, which works most effectively in a free and non-pressuring environment. The director here is not isolated from the employees - always available and in dialogue with them - and these are the most important elements in creating a product. This reflects the structure of society that everyone is willing to accept - decentralization, the value and dignity of each individual!

Andrei Nadar
Elina Nadar



420 sq. m.