Author's supervision

We help to build an object in such a way,
how it looks on the project.

Why order?

Author's supervision enables the owner of real estate to get the result as close as possible to the design solution.

Sometimes it may seem to the owner of the project that the implementation of this project in life on his own is within his power. Sometimes it is. More often than not, these are misguided expectations. As a result, the quality suffers, the terms and amounts increase, and the result is far from the project.

Is it included in the project?

Author's supervision is not included in the project.
This is an independent service, it is not part of the project. A contract is concluded for the provision of this service and it is paid accordingly. The prices are listed below.

— Why is supervision not included in the project?
— Сonstruction and design are different types of services.

If you don't order?

The customer independently controls the construction process and allocates his time to:

• Selection and ordering of building and finishing materials, their analogs and equipment, lighting, etc.
• Selection of organizations for the manufacture of object elements (interior and exterior structures)
• Communication and communication with the construction team, assessment of the adequacy and quality of construction.
• Takes responsibility for the result.

What is included?

• Site visits
• Consultation of the construction team
• Consultations by phone
• Making adjustments to the accepted project
• Selection of materials